Ironfang Invasion

The Fate of Longshadow

Session: 10&11

The Fate of Longshadow

The party continued to shore up defenses and fight off the invading armies monsters and soldiers.  At one point after conversing with Mayor Crawbert, a decision was made to take the fight to the enemy.  They used the tunnels that were dug under the wall to invade the town to gain access to their enemies base camp.  It lead them directly to the Onyx Tower.  The intended target.  

The group snuck in and attacked the Warlord Kosseruk and her small council while they were planning the destruction Longshadow.  The group succeeded in slaying the Minotaur General, and using her death as the shatterpoint of the battle, eventually causing them to disperse into the outer regions, and ultimately heading back to their army.  The link to the tower and the origins of the soldiers were broken by the party which eventually caused the destruction of the Tower itself.

Afterward, the group was celebrated as heroes and awarded gold and a home in the town.  They invested into the local community, specifically the war orphans support/resources.  They helped rebuild the town and rested in Longshadow.  During the course of the time off, Barbosa began staying with the towns Tavern owner and furthered his relationship with her.  

Talk of traveling to the "haunted mine" to clear it out and rescue any prisoners surfaced, as well as talk of going to the Dwarven City Kraggodan, as many notes and strange runes covering the tower indicate they were originating there.

Note: Level 12


I believe we had a follow up, Session 11 as we are now 13th Level.

The Fate of Longshadow

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