Draven Selkirquess

Elven solider fighting to keep his people safe.


CG Male Wood Elf Fighter(Arcane Archer)/Ranger(Hunter)/Rogue


The newly elevated Lieutenant of a Task Force Ranger, he was a dark haired wood elf who often would be seen with brows furrowed and smirking grimace. Draven was a career soldier who began as a Chernasardo Hopeful and served two tours in the Militia, including time helping to run the infamously brutal Phoenix program that helped root out and kill Netheril Assassins, Zhent spies, and Shade leaders. Draven is a blunt, brutal wood elf who believed it was a necessary evil to take respect and superiority by force. His demeanor is more akin to a human, and he rarely associates with those of his own kind as he prefers humans company when he is not alone.

He despises anything above a moderate organization of power, and holds those in contempt that actively seek too much of it without good reason. He believes those who hold any power should be observed with the greatest of scrutiny. He adheres to the chain of command in the militia for pragmatic purposes, but is not bound to it for any other reason, and will abandon it if it contradicts the spirit of why it exists. It is a tool that should be used if efficient and thrown away if it doesn’t serve its intended purpose.

He is somewhat conflicted with becoming a monster(in regards to what war does to a person), given his profession, as he sees what he does as a means to continue his cultures existence and fight for those today, so tomorrow others may not have to endure the same hardship. He is defiant, willful, and suffers from his situation. However, he is also optimistic, brave, and loyal to a fault.

He recently has taken on a rogue persona after he and a companion found a stock of magic items (shadow hoods) which disguise his identity. He uses this to his advantage on counter-attacks, and special op missions to strike fear into the enemies of his country. He has no problem with using fear as a weapon considering what has been done to his people and his home. He has little use for the gods, which is odd as he has been known to pray for those close to him, stating “Kill the enemy. Don’t think twice about it. Whose going to judge you? The Gods? They love killing. They do it all the time…”

He holds a special contempt for those who abuse their power and betray their friends, homeland, and word. He has been known to go out of his way at great personal risk to seek out traitors and saboteurs.

He is currently studying both arcane and divine power to expand his repertoire of skills in the ongoing resistance of Nirmathis. When he is not on a mission he can be found wandering the Border Forest (training and/or exploring) OR resting in the village of Phaendar drinking sweet tea, playing games of strategy and chance, and listening to music.

Draven Selkirquess

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