Aubrin the Green

Former adventurer, Sage, Healer, and teller of tall tales.


CG Female Human Cleric of Cayden Cailean 3/Ranger(Hunter) 3
-Chernardo Ranger


A retired adventurer with many stories to tell, Aubrin has settled into a comfortable life in Phaendar. She’s one of the hearts of the community, always ready with a sympathetic ear or strong drink to help those around her.

As a young child in Nirmathas, Aubrin (“Abby” to most) grew up on tales of heroism. She played at being a famed ranger, liberating her toys from the oppression of Molthune. Her parents hoped that, as the oldest child in the family, Aubrin would take over their small farm. Her young heart longed for adventure, though, and she and her father argued ferociously over her destiny. Ultimately, Aubrin was too excited to see the wider world and refused to give in to her father’s plans for her future; while their confrontation left her bitter for months, she never regretted leaving home at 16.

For years, the she honed her skills until she became a Chernasardo Ranger in the Fangwood, and eventually ventured beyond Nirmathas. One dark night on guard duty, a sniper caught her by surprise and unleashed a crossbow bolt. The bolt shattered into flinders against her soft pewter tankard, sparing Aubrin from a fatal blow. The tankard was dented but otherwise intact, and Aubrin took it all as a sign. True to her impulsive nature, she swore her loyalty to Cayden Cailean that very night.

A sorrowful truth greeted Aubrin when she finally returned home: a deadly fever had swept the region, claiming Aubrin’s mother. Aubrin found her father drunk and belligerent. He blamed his child for the loss— if Aubrin had only stayed to help run the farm, so much work wouldn’t have fallen to her mother. Her death came from exhaustion, he insisted. Unable to dismiss her father’s accusations, Aubrin left quickly, never to return.

Aubrin’s carefree adventuring came to an end while crossing a desolate plain. Her caravan disturbed a nest of ankhegs, and though she dispatched two of the creatures, the third sprayed a gout of acid into her eyes, robbing her of vision. Blind and heavily wounded, she reached a nearby village through the grace of Cayden Cailean. With rest and time, her healing magic removed the facial scars, but only partially restored her vision.

Aubrin eventually decided that this, too, was a sign. She didn’t want to return to the farm, but the familiarity of Nirmathas called to her. She settled in Phaendar, using her magic and woodland insight to support the town. Now in her early thirties, the impulsive adventurer has grown into a community leader and infamous teller of tall tales, and many in Phaendar and across the Nesmian plains owe her more than a few favors and cold drinks.

Aubrin the Green

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