"The world belongs to the monsters. We simply live in it.

Cities and towns dot the world, tiny points of light, guttering candles, fading fires against the blackness of the wilderness. The masses huddle around these meagre comforts while in the vast darkness, multitudes stir.

The monstrous races of the world far outnumber those who dwell in the light of civilization, yet we are not overwhelmed. Equally, these races are physically superior; the stealth of the bugbear, the strength of the orc, and the savagery of the gnoll far exceed our own. How then are we, the civilized people, to win this war? For make no mistake, it is war fought on a thousand fronts."

-Elminster of Shadowdale, 1490 DR (Era of Upheaval)

The Ironfang Invasion Adventure begins… A tale of desperate survival set against the invasion of a ruthless hobgoblin army—the Ironfang Legion!

As the Ironfang Legion begins carving out an empire of monsters, the party must flee their hometown of Phaendar as it burns, saving any lives they can. The heroes guard their band of survivors in the wilderness, challenge a troglodyte tribe for safe haven, and face the brutal bounty hunters dispatched to end their flight to freedom!


Ironfang Invasion

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