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  • Securing a new home. The Gorge Fort

     Attack at the Gorge

    The Fate of Longshadow

    The Fate of Longshadow

    The party continued to shore up defenses and fight off the invading armies monsters and soldiers.  At one point after conversing with Mayor Crawbert, a decision was made to take the fight to the …

  • Locations




    [[Fangwood or Border Forest]]

    [[Mindspin Mountains]]



  • Phaendar


    Being bordered by light forest, rolling farms, and the rumbling Marideth River, Phaendar is vanishingly small …

  • Traits


    Please select two of the following traits for the campaign.

  • Chernasardo Rangers

    Chernasardo Rangers

    In the dense woods of the southern Fangwood, a region known as the Chernasardo, Moonsea armies …

  • Ironfang Legion

    Ironfang Legion


    Prominent religions in the region

    Religion is not a cornerstone of the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path, but faith is still deeply important to the people of …

  • Cayden Cailean

    Draven Selkirquess

    The newly elevated Lieutenant of a Task Force Ranger, he was a dark haired wood elf who often would be seen with brows furrowed and smirking grimace. Draven was a career soldier who began as a Chernasardo Hopeful and served two tours in the Militia, …

  • Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk

    Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk is the recently elected leader of the forested nation of Nirmathas. Born in the capital of Tamran, he has seen his city sacked five times by the armies of Molthune. His face is easily recognizable in the region, as all …

  • Aubrin the Green

    A retired adventurer with many stories to tell, Aubrin has settled into a comfortable life in Phaendar. She’s one of the hearts of the community, always ready with a sympathetic ear or strong drink to help those around her. As a young child in …

  • Cirieo Thessaddin

    Cirieo Thessaddin was born 25 years ago, the youngest of a large ranching family on the Nesmian Plains. The boy loved exploring, often shirking his farm chores to delve into a dense thicket or investigate a neighbor’s barn. Although his parents, Benina …

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