Smitty Trueforger

One of the few Nirmathi survivors of the Ramgate Massacre, Smitty intends to exact retribution for the Ironfang Legion's heinous actions.


Male Shield Dwarf Mystic

Age: 50
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light
Height: 4’8"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Faith: Moradin, the Soulforger



Smitty was born in the dwarven Sky Citadel of Kraggodan in southern Nirmathas. He grew up in the forge, crafting arms and armor by day and drinking at night.

His life was pretty uneventful until one day, while in the forge, an anvil fell and landed directly on his leg. In an instant, his leg transformed into living iron which shockingly deflected what surely would have been a crippling blow. Although the effect only lasted a moment, it was undeniable that something strange had happened.

He didn’t tell anyone, instead electing to investigate on his own. He spent years pouring over old manuscripts and books of lore in the dwarven archives, at first only finding vague references. At last he found an ancient tome on loan from the College of the Eclipse that detailed the nature of psionic abilities and how to unlock them. He learned that in order to master his power, he must first master himself. Once he discovered this strange and mysterious power within himself, he knew he had to follow it.

He left Kraggodan and spent the next few years alone in quiet contemplation, exploring his mind and leaving nothing uncovered. In addition to living iron, he learned to focus his psionic energy and transform his body in other ways, altering his density and weight to improve his mobility and then gaining traits of different beasts. During this time he shunned society and lived as a hermit at the edge of civilization.

When he finally mastered his power, he returned to the world to broaden his horizons and practice his craft, not content to remain on the fringes of the world. He spent the next several years making a living as a merchant among the surface people, traveling from town to town in Nirmathis, selling masterwork weapons and armor. Eventually he caught on with a group of fellow merchants and traders including fletchers, frontier healers, hunters and scouts.

Two years ago, while traveling from Kraggodan to the capital city of Tamran, the group set up camp in the woods on the southern border of Nirmathas outside Fort Ramgate. The fort’s commander, General Hakar, had recently fortified the fort against Nirmathi militia fighters with a troop of thirty four hobgoblin mercenaries called Fortune’s Blood. That evening, a group of sixty Nirmathi militia fighters waged a full on assault on the Fort under the cover of night. A spy learned of the attack and warned the hobgoblins and, while the Nirmathi attacked a bunch of empty tents, the hobgoblins came out of hiding and swarmed them, killing fifty five of them and losing only six.

While the surviving five fled, the hobgoblins turned on the group in the woods. Smitty witnessed firsthand the Fortune’s Blood troop (now the Ironfang Legion) slaughtering unarmed civilians. They were all savagely cut down by the hobgoblin mercenaries in what is now known as the Ramgate Massacre, but somehow Smitty was able to survive. He can’t scrub the memories of their brutality from his waking or sleeping mind and keenly recalls their faces and distinctive fighting styles.

Smitty returned to Kraggodan to try and convince Prince Gorm Greathammer to join the rest of Nirmathas in their effort to repel the Molthuni invaders. However, once Molthuni citizens learned of Fortune’s Blood’s violation of Molthuni laws of war, they were apalled. Hakar dismissed the hobgoblins from the fort’s defenses and that was enough to convince Prince Greathammer to remain neutral.

Unsatisfied with Kraggodan’s neutral stance in the country’s war with Molthune, Smitty left once again. Greathammer’s decision eventually ended up backfiring with Molthune’s recent siege of Kraggodan.

Smitty immediately signed on with a mercenary company in the war. He learned he could use his psionic energy to cure wounds and restore health, first to himself and then eventually others. In the two years since the Ramgate Massacre, Smitty has risen in the soldier ranks and built a reputation as an unbreakable survivor and difficult to kill. This reputation has garnered him the nickname “immortal”. The horrors of war weigh heavily on him though, and he his haunted by images of violence in his mind.

Smitty is currently in the sleepy Nirmathi town of Phaendar, assisting injured veterans recuperating from the war. He drinks heavily and often thinks about one day returning to Kraggodan and taking it back from the Molthuni invaders, but not before those responsible for the Ramgate Massacre are brought to justice.

Smitty Trueforger

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