Ironfang Invasion

Trouble in Welton and Trail of the hunted

Iron Fang: Session 1 & 2

Session 1 & 2

The group left Phaendar with reports of neighboring Welton residents being killed on the road and other strange things going on in and outside of their village.  Also, one of the town’s residents, a sorcerer, had gone missing.  The group arrived and met up with the resident cleric and things went well.  They began searching outside the town and found a group of what seemed to be “awakened” wolves had taken up residence in series of tunnels/caves deep in the forrest.  Also, the wolves leaders seemed to be exhibiting elemental powers. 

Initially the group came into conflict with the wolves, but Smitty began diplomatic relations with one of the wolves.  An agreement was struck to aid one another, but this did not go over well with the opposing leader wolf and a battle broke out between one faction of the wolves and the other faction that the group sided with.  The party’s faction was victorious and an agreement was reached that the town of Welton would feed the wolves in exchange for protection.

*It was later discovered the wolves gained their intelligence and powers when the town’s sorcerer had some kind of magical anomaly.  This tied the wolves to his relatives in the town in a strange way…

Several days passed and the party began preparation for the upcoming festival.  The celebrated market festival in Phaendar.

Note: Everyone reached 2nd level.

The village was attacked by overwhelming forces (Hobgoblins) on the first night of festival.  Many of the inhabitants were taken as captives.  A small group managed to escape over the large bridge in the town with a small group resisting some of the attacking force.  Shortly after their escape the bridge was intentionally destroyed by the party to prevent the Hobgoblins from pursing the fleeing survivors.

The group hid in the woods and began rebuilding old forts, building new tree outposts, and looking for other survivors.

The group sought out other unused outposts, and building up some kind of shelters.  They decided to make their way to Welton and warn their people.  The populace decided to follow the party back to where they were building the shelters and hide from the Hobgoblin army.  On the way the group met up with a couple of Ogres who were on a diplomatic missions and caused one of their deaths.  They reached their outpost, but found out a few of their scouts had gone missing.  Upon search, the scouts had been attacked by a scout party of hobgoblins looking for the escaped residents of Phaendar.  The group caught up with the hobgoblins and killed them, save one, who was allowed to return to Phaendar with a message… (it was unlikely he survived his trip disarmed and wounded) However, the party found out that Phaendar was now a base camp for the invading army and a hobgoblin named Scarveneious was in charge of tracking them.

The group returned to their camp and routed out a spy who had killed one person and captured another (who was freed) he was imprisoned and found out to be from Multhuni.  Reports also came into the camp some Troglodytes were infesting a cave to the west.  The party decided to leave well enough alone on that topic and focus on building up the defenses and resources in their camp. (Including camo covering the camp after reports of drakes flying about in the area)

Note: Everyone reached 3rd level





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