Ironfang Invasion

Trail of the Hunted; Confronting Sgt. Scarvinious

Iron Fang: Session 3

Session 3

After the party get the refugees settled in a permanent home, Scarvinious’s bands begin turning up.  Aubrin and the other NPCs ask for a meeting, telling the party the refugees are growing restless, and have begun talk of pushing back against the invaders—likely a suicidal mission without a guiding hand. Others are talking about hiking across the dangerous forest or Ironfang-controlled roads, or even escaping into the Darklands to get away from the Legion. Before a decision can be made as what course of action to take it was reported to the group that up to 10 people had gone missing.  The party realized the most likely were captured by Scarvinious search party and it was time to take care of this threat once and for all.  

Note: Scabvistin, commander of the Phaendar invasion, considers the escaped fugitives a black mark in an otherwise perfect military operation. In frustration over that insult, he tore the lower jaw from the lieutenant who reported the escapees, dashing it to the floor in front his son and prized enforcer Scarvinious as a warning of what he could expect were the humans not returned—dead or alive. Scarvinious has lashed the bloody token to a pole as a gruesome flag for his team of specialists, and brought it along as they crossed the Marideth to officially established Camp Red Jaw, the Ironfang Legion’s bounty hunter camp.

While Scabvistin reinforces Phaendar as a forward position, Scarvinious combs the Chernasardo region in search of the refugees, hoping to silence them before they contact outsiders. As one of his father’s most skilled bounty hunters, the vile bugbear is well suited for the job even without his retinue of followers

The party managed to track the missing Nirmathis to Camp Red Jaw.  They used cover of night and approached the camp from behind, picking off one person at a time from a distance.  They manged to get inside the camp right as the alarm was sounded, and gained a fair element of surprise.

The remainder of the session was essentially a knock down drag out fight against the entire camp vs. the party.  Several surviving members of the captives were kept in a cage next to a pack of Wargs.  The fight was very memorable as it went back and forth from the party being able to slay every member of the camp, to considering running for their lives.  Toward the end Scarvenious emerged from his tent, who had been waiting for half the battle unseen.  (Many didn't realize he was present) and this was a big turning point as he fought with savage tricks, and brought the dwarf down who had withstood a vast majority of teh forces bottle necked at the stairway entrance to the camp.  Jaxx had gone down at one point, but was allowed a short time to recoup (with help from some of the survivors) with a mist spell from Draven.

In the end the party managed to slay Scarvinious.  An attempt was made to read his thoughts after he was defeated that proved of little help and he was summarily executed afterward along with what remained of his men after discovering the gruesome torture that had been taken place in his camp with the captives who had not survived.  The survivors were taken, along with the camps money and equipment, back to Hemlock Grove.(The Party HQ)

Several weeks passed as the group decided their next move.

Note: Party level up to 4.



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