Ironfang Invasion

Securing a new home. The Gorge Fort

Session 6 & 7

 Attack at the Gorge


The party was successful in retaking Fort Trevalay. (A fortress built on a stone pillar within a deep Gorge)  The black dragon Ibzairiak and his hobgoblin minions were killed to he last, save a strange shaman women who was allowed to leave as the party left her in peace after their first attempt to take the fortress and she was gone upon their second arrival.  On the groups second attempt to take the Fortress, the Ranger prisoners were freed and aided in slaying the remaining monsters (Trolls) and the Black Dragon itself.

The entire ordeal took 3 days and two separate attacks.  After the Dragon was slain, the party waited for thier allies to arrive and immediately began moving many people from Hemlock Grove to Fort Hemlock (formerly Trevelay). 

-The victory was an important one as it secured the first real foothold back into the peoples own country by allowing them to take up a permanent residence in a secured area for the Resistance. A real place to call home again. Many went to work on repairing the fort, groups like Cobbs Geenleaf’s Guerillas began scouting the area for Hobgoblin stragglers, resupplying the fortress, and setting up hidden safe zones through the Forrest.  Also, by saving the Rangers at the Fortress the party has secured the continued surival of the Chernesardo Rangers, who will be instrumental in the continued success of the Nirmathi.  Soon after the Fortress has been retaken, some 50 Rangers reappeared that were in hiding to bolster the people's ranks.  Their primary tasks were to act as guides and protectors in the transition from Hemlock Grove to Fort Hemlock.

-The party found a map with Hobgoblin battle plans.  They discovered an attack on the River/Mining town of Longshadow was to be carried out in the immediate future.  The group began planning their next step in the war agasint the Hobgoblins.

Note: The party achieved level 8.

Prominent NPCs (advanced)

-Presto: Should be a full fledged Mage (or close) he was given several wands and is the entire companies resident arcane wizard.

-Michael Carpenter: Continued to add pupils to his work force.

-Aubrin the Green: Is the resident sage, is often called Warden by many Rangers (including Draven) as a sign of respect and one of the only titles of any meaning to the Rangers.  She takes care of many leadership duties that are not directly linked to what is happening in the field along with the Forts former Cleric of Welton.

-Cicero: Continues to aid in several positions, including quartermaster. Has a group of 7 gnomes/halflings "Cicero's Sack-shooters" who specialize in scouting and ambush tactics.

-A handful of refuges and solider have also made names for themselves, some attain the level of Fighter.  Many weapons (even magical) and masterwork have been handed out to aid them in their assistance.






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