Ironfang Invasion

Breaking into the Vault; Searching the Second Fort

Iron Fang: Session 5

Session: 5 

The group traveled to the second of three possible Forts left in their region.  Dundir.

-The found the fort in utter disrepair and ruin.  Worse yet, it had been infested with Trolls.

*I totally got the vibe from the movie Willow.

The group was able to sneak up on the Trolls and take one of them out fairly quickly with a sneak attack and using fire and a magical acid cloud.

The remaining Trolls posed more of a challenge, including a Hobgoblin solider who came out with some strange dog creature.

The party proceeded into the “vault” and found two options to proceed into a tunnel passage.  One a former leader of the fort who was an elf, the other passage represented by a dwarf.  The group choose the path of the elf, and set us several traps along the way.  In the end they discovered a large stone statue of an elf and dwarf respectively, secured “keys” and found some of the old armory items that had been placed their under the guardians safe keeping.

The party returned to Hemlock Grove (I believe with the statues in two; GOLEMS) and distributed the weapons and items accordingly.

After a day of rest, the group moved on to the third keep which is located in a gorge, hoping to find it still intact, and discovered it was still standing.  However, it was occupied by the Hobgoblin army.  The group Halfling managed to use his magic to survey the area and discovered a Black Dragon rested ontop of the keep.

The group attempted to infiltrate the keep in the dead of night, but were discovered.  A call was let out, and large Eagle like creatures attacked the party, almost carrying one of the party away before being slain.  The group managed to kill/push back the Hobgoblins who were patrolling the keep, and reach the wall before the gates could be shut…

Note: The party has reached 6th level at the conclusion of this session.



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