Ironfang Invasion

Assault on Longshadow

Session: 8 & 9

Assault on Longshadow

The party left Hemlock Gorge on the way to Longshadow to warn/aid in the towns defense.  Along the way they were asked by others to look in on relatives at Radya's Mine.  After a couple days of travel the party came upon the Hamlet of Redburrow.

"The ground here is freshly upturned and stained with blood. Several blast craters pock the area, and a makeshift palisade of sharpened wooden spikes—trampled to flinders in several spots—surrounds the burned-out remains of a dozen small houses. Sickly mist curls up from the blackened soil, and bloodstained weapons and armor lie strewn about the ground."

The party did not make it far into town when they realized everyone in the town had either fled or died.  And the dead, were walking… a green acid like mist appeared with little warning and attempted to surround the Hamlet.  In the mist, walking dead could be seen approaching the party.  The group quickly mounted up and while sustaining injury, rode out of the hamlet with all do haste vowing never to return.  (It was marked on our maps and noted to warn others to stay clear of the cursed hamlet)

After more time on the road the group came to the fork int he road and needed to decide to proceed to Radya;s hollow mine or continue on to Longshadow.  After some debate about survivors being at the mine, the decision was to adhere to the primary goal of assisting Longshadow.  The party arrived at the town early in the day and found the Mayor at the local tavern.  At 10 AM…

Mayor Crawbert was eventually convinced (despite heavy dissent from his "advisors" that this was a waste of thier time and money) that he should take immediate action in defense of the town as an assault was likely to happen in the immediate future.

Longshadow - Built along the turbulent Marideth River to power its mills, Longshadow is the largest town in the region— and the Ironfang Legion’s current target for conquest.

The party found Longshadow’s defenses to be currently pitiful. With no threats from Molthune in years, the town guard has grown negligent, and even the town’s formidable walls are weathered and crumbling. The party began training residents w/drills, applying fire retardant material to the outside walls, sending for mercs,. and preparing the town for a siege.  During the course of the next days the group was undermined by sabotage!  The group eventually found out (after the party halfling was almost assassinated) that dopplegangers had infiltrated the town and take the guise of the Mayors advisors.  Soon after the group found them out, after being attacked, they were killed to the last and buried Jimmy Hoffa style under reinforced walls.

The following day the siege began with a slave reading off a list of demands (unconditional surrender offered by the leader; a Minotaur knows as the Maze Master or some such thing) as a large tower appeared on a hill in the distance and a huge force of mixed goblins and beasts, 4 catapults, and a half giant like creature attacked the town! From behind the town was attacked as the river was parted with fowl magic and a squad of Hobgoblins began killing and taking captive townsfolk caught unaware.

The group fought hard after two days of solid battle (destroying siege engines, holding the walls, repelling the rear invading force, and slaying the half giant) the group got a small rest on the third day of battle as the siege came to a stop.  The group knew that more was to come as reinforcements began to emerge both for the town (mercenaries arrived) and for the enemy (Hobgoblins began to emerge from the tower that appeared two days prior) and things will likely get worse, before they get better…

Note: The party reached level 10



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